Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods

One of the elements of the regular cleaning of domestic accessories is carpet cleaning North Sydney.  After every sometimes the carpets need to be taken to the cleaning companies. The clean carpet adds to the overall look of the room where it is placed. There are many different ways and techniques to thoroughly clean the carpet but the most popular methods to take care of the carpets are as follows:

  1. Hot Water Extraction Method

The other name for this procedure is steam carpet cleaning. This name comes from the technique used in the process. This includes using very hot water under extreme pressure levels. The high temperature and the pressure together move the fibres used in the carpet and then it ultimately allows the dirt to get dissolved in the water. This dissolved dirt is then completely removed from the carpet. It is a step by step procedure. It begins with the application of the detergent. This is followed by scrubbing with the brush to soften the dirt. Once the agent settles down perfectly well with the help of the necessary equipment the dirt is thoroughly removed with the help of the special pieces of equipment. Once it is made sure that no traces are left behind the carpet is put away for drying. A normal-sized carpet requires 2 to 4 hours to get completely clean in this procedure. 


  1. Shampooing

Shampooing is one of the old techniques used to clean the carpet. Although it is no longer very common for minor jobs it is still preferred. It was criticized for a few things. It is said to have left traces of shampoo even after a thorough cleaning. This can have a negative impact on the fibres used in the carpet. The time required to dry the carpet that is shampooed is also very bothering.


  1. Encapsulation

This process has replaced conventional shampooing. Here synthetic detergents are used as the core cleaning ingredient. After the detergent is applied it crystallises. This dried detergent foam has the tendency that it is able to absorb the loose dirt particles. Once the carpet is fully dried the vacuum is used to shed them away. This process was very much liked by those who were not happy with the shampooing. The process started becoming popular in the 1970s. Although the carpet looks clean the process would not ensure thorough cleaning of the dirt.


  1. Dry cleaning

It stands out as one of the most recent techniques in the carpet cleaning. It is extremely popular especially among those who want to avoid the use of detergents and chemicals. The history of this process dates back to the 1980’s. With the help of the motorized brush, the carpet fibres are parted away to make the compound settle well in the bottom of the carpet. It is less time consuming hence, it is a good choice for the setups that are operating round the clock.