How To Pick Hamptons Style Furniture For Your Home

Hamptons style bedroom

In Australia, Hamptons-style residences are quite popular. The style is a perfect fit for the Australian lifestyle since we love bringing the outside in, being close to the ocean, and making the most of natural light. A white-washed home with classic colours or neutral tones, finished off with furniture and furnishings that convey a beach vibe, is typical of the design. However, finding furniture that precisely complements a Hamptons style bedroom and a house can be a more difficult task.

Hamptons-style furniture is usually laid-back and beachy. Think velvety sofas with soft natural textiles like linens paired with skirted sofas with corresponding big accent chairs in hues of blues and beiges. Incorporate some natural wood, such as a coffee table, and finish the design with a velvety textured rug.

Hamptons style furniture is simple to detect in furniture stores. Avoid ‘on-trend’ goods in favour of traditional, simple pieces like a roll-armed sofa, which will never go out of style. Use neutral tones that will blend in with your other furniture. Complementary chairs, such as a large wing chair or an ottoman, should be used to fit the aesthetic of your sofas. Don’t be afraid to be a little daring. Use fabric of your choice here, but maintain the Hamptons aesthetic of subtle elegance in mind by avoiding extremely bright or vivid colours.

Create White Walls

When it comes to creating a Hamptons style living room, white-on-white doesn’t have to be boring. Paint the walls a layer or two of white, then accessorise with furniture of the same colour to create the sense of a larger room.

Pantone has softer versions of plain white if you find it too stark or solid. To compliment yellow or orange-tinged lighting, choose a warmer colour like Pantone’s ‘White Soul.’ If you like a cooler shade, ‘Bleached Coral,’ with its bluish almost-white tone, is a good choice.

Always Choose Comfortable Furniture

Without comfy seats, no Hamptons-style lounge area would be complete. Because a Hamptons property is meant to be a family holiday home, you’ll want your living room to be the perfect spot for rest and relaxation. Relaxed elegance and languid evenings sipping iced tea are embodied by a comfortable big couch and large wicker chairs with comfy seats. For a genuinely warm space for your family, pair your comfortable Hamptons style furniture with a wooden coffee table large enough to hold keepsakes and periodicals. Look for fixtures at furniture stores in Sydney.

Add a Coastal Vibe

The Hamptons style is all about spending countless days in the sun and by the sea. Instead of investing in Hamptons style bedroom, you can upgrade your bathroom with fixtures that are inspired by the ocean’s colours and textures. A peaceful Hamptons bathroom experience includes off-white walls, immaculate mirrors, gold knobs, and dazzling tiles in light grey or sand tones.

Line your freestanding bathtub and shower area with seashell-shaped soaps and scented white candles to finish off your light but sumptuous decor.