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If you are looking for a variety of different products of the kitchen, bathroom etc. which are made of high-quality material then you have come to the right place. Initial Tiles Company is the platform that provides you with the best quality products. Let us discuss the wide range of products that we have for our customers. We ensure to provide our customers with the products that meet their desires and choices. Let us have a look at the products that we have;


There are many different types of stones used in different places for different aspects. They are most commonly used for flooring but sometimes they are used for walls as well. Moreover, stones are also commonly used at the outer space of the house creating the pathway around the grass. These stones provide with the benefit of controlling temperature such as they stay cool in summers. These stones also serve the protection to the house if it rains because the water can damage the foundation of the building so the stones help you with that by protecting from the water which might create damage to your property. We have a variety of stones which you can get from us at affordable rates.

Bath ware:

The bathroom is the place where you go many times a day so everyone wants their bathroom to be well decorated and well organised creating a calm and peaceful environment. The peace you get in your bathroom by taking a hot shower can never be compared to anything else because it relaxes your mind and keeps you mentally healthy. It works great when you come home after a long tiring day, a hot shower in a beautiful and peaceful environment would take away all the fatigue. So it is essential to decorate your bathroom. If you are looking for any kind of bath ware then we are here to provide you with the best quality bath-ware including bathroom tapware and many more which you can see by visiting our website.


Tiles are the most common material which is used everywhere especially in bathrooms and kitchen where there is a lot of need for tiles as they work as protection. For instance, if you spill anything on tiles while working in the kitchen, the stain would not go away but with the tiles, anything spilled on them or any stain can be instantly cleaned. So people prefer tiles over any other thing because life gets easy with tiles as everything can be easily cleaned up. We have a variety of different types of tiles made of high-quality material.

So what are you hanging tight for? Get in touch with us and get the best quality products from us as our prices are also very reasonable.