Why Do You Need A Meat Tenderizer?




Chef’s first choice: 

Whether the professional chefs of home cooks, electric meat tenderizer is always everyone’s first choice. There are many recipes which require meat to be tendered. Most of the people use large mixing bowl to do so but this sometimes becomes difficult when the quantity is more. When tendering meat is required for any recipe, usually there are few methods used. Tough meat like beef is cooked over light heat for longer time, hence it requires meat tenderizer to make sure that is properly cooked. Checking the meat again and again is not the solution, and especially at fast working places like hotels and restaurants something fast and easy is required to keep the work flow balanced.  

Meat tenderizer for different types of meat: 

When you use electric meat tenderizer, it will minimize your working time by almost forty percent. They are considered the best choice because they are capable of cutting even the hardest fibres of the meat. Beef can be easily tenderized in the large mixing bowl of meat tenderizer and it will take almost half of the time if you do it by any other method. Whether it is chicken, pork or fish, one can use meat tenderizer to make it more succulent.  

What else you can do with meat tenderizer? 

This is not a myth that using meat tenderiser in Australia for your recipe makes it more tasty and delicious. Many people gets surprised after seeing how it break down every fibre of the hardest meat so smoothly. When the fibres are completely broken down, flavours can be absorbed more easily. With this break down, meat is more clinging and stick better with the marinades and rubs. The marination time automatically decreases when each and every fibre is stuffed with the flavours. This is the easiest method to make the most delicious food in minimum time.  

Manual meat tenderizer: 

If you do not have electric meat tenderizer available with you, you can go with the manual meat tenderizer. Some people also take help of large mixing bowls as an alternative. But meat tenderizers are always preferred when it comes to delicious cooking. Manual meat tenderizers are much cheaper in cost as compared to the electric meat tenderizer. They are operated by a crank, easily fix them on your counter top and secure with clamps and there you go to make the most tasty food with such an easy method. The major difference in electric and manual meat tenderizer is the quantity of meat they can batch at one time and the time it takes. Obviously there is less effort needed in electric meat tenderizer, but in case of manual you need to put some effort. Always go with the one which has more blades when you are using manual meat tenderizer, this will ease out your work and even the people with no experience can operate them easily.